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The story of EDZA

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The beginning of this story goes back 15 years ago to a New Year's shopping trip. After barely getting permission from my family, I was going to attend a New Year's Eve party at my friend's house. Of course, preparations had started at this time. After thinking a bit about "ordinary" questions like "what should I wear?" and "how should I do my hair?" I had come to the key question. What shoes should I wear? Or rather, what shoes can I wear? After all, I had a shoe size that was joked about as "41.5 times, ma sha Allah!" and a stature that was not insignificant in proportion to it. Until that day, I had never confronted such a harsh reality, or maybe I didn't even want to confront it. After Zara and Mango came to Turkey, I could comfortably wear sandals in the summer, and in the winter, I would either lay my shoes down to widen them until the season ended or wait for my sister to stretch them out with two pairs of woolen socks that I couldn't wear with my nylon socks, and then wear them once they had worn a bit. At the end of the day, my conclusion was to feel like "I also buy shoes from Zara, hmmm!" But that day, I didn't have months to wait for such preparations. I had evaluated all the options at home and had come to a point where I couldn't decide between either very rough or rubber shoes that had been bought from the men's section of Adidas and that I wore every day. (There were no lifestyle rubber shoes like Nike Airmax or Superstar back then, just performance shoes that I could find. I wore them to school too.) In short, I was going to buy the shoes and wear them in two days. I broke school and went to Akmerkez, hoping that since Zara had brought size 41 shoes, other Turkish brands would have woken up and worked too. I imagined that I would finish my job in 1-2 hours by touring the stores confidently and then return to school. Of course, things didn't go that smoothly... After about 4 hours of going into every shoe store in Akmerkez, whether relevant or irrelevant, and various comments like "Madam, can there be a size 41 shoe?", "It's only available in the men's section," and the attempts to put my feet into size 40 shoes even though I knew it wouldn't work, I started crying when my sister caught me in Akmerkez and jokingly asked me why. Are you surprised? I think I've held on for too long. My sister immediately took me to 1-2 boutiques in Nisantasi that imported shoes from abroad. If there was any shoe that would fit me, it would be there, and she was right. But there was a tiny problem. The only shoe that could fit me was a lamb leather high-heeled boot that cost about 400 TL. I'd like to emphasize that this was during a time when we bought boots for 99 TL at Zara in-season! Of course, like any fashion enthusiast with a certain budget, I left the store with my eyes looking back. I won't go on too long because there's a long way to go to tell this adventure. Therefore, I will say TO BE CONTINUED… for now.

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