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28 Stunning Pairs of Prom Shoes That You'll Want to Display

Updated: May 22

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For prom, selecting the ideal footwear is all about finishing your look and enhancing your prom gown. You need a stylish pair of shoes to complete the outfit, whether you're trying for a laid-back, casual appearance or going all out in full glam.

We've compiled 28 utterly stunning pairs to wear to prom in 2023 in this guide. This collection has a variety of shoes, from flats and sneakers to heels and platforms.

Wearing High Heels to a Prom

The prom is the ideal occasion to dress up and show off your heels after spending all day in flats at school. Don't go too tall, is my one piece of advice. Remember that you still have a full night of dancing and socializing ahead of you even if you feel comfortable moving about in sky-high shoes. For less stress on your foot, choose a platform shoe if you want the extra inches.

Dazzling Prom Shoes

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Glittery dresses go perfectly with sparkly shoes, but they can also serve as an accent or splash of shine for a more modest solid-color style.

Rhinestones, glitter, and metallic finishes are all the perfect way to add some glitz and glam to any Prom look.

Black Prom Shoes

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Keep things simple and classy with a pair of black shoes. Easy to pair with virtually any look or color, black heels are something you can wear time and time again. Black heels are also a good standby if you don’t want your shoes to detract from the rest of your outfit.

Red Prom Heels

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Spice up your prom outfit with a pair of crimson shoes! Red comes in dozens of different tints, so you may simply choose one that best matches your outfit. From berry reds to traditional red chili reds, we appreciate how beautifully a red shoe enhances an outfit.

White Heels for Prom

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Another timeless option for Prom is a pair of white shoes, which are elegant and charming. Pair with any color, or wear with white for a stunning and angelic monochromatic look. If you wear white, just be sure to keep an eye out for puddles or spilled drinks!

Unique Prom Shoes

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Stand out from the crowd and show off your sense of style with a pair of unique or trendy heels. Choose bold hues, textured materials, and unconventional designs like platform shoes with the extra inches on your shoes.

Flat Shoes for Prom

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You don’t have to wear heels to Prom, especially if you aren’t comfortable in them!

Dresses, jumpsuits, and two-piece outfits all go well with flats, which are equally appropriate for prom as heels.

Dress Shoes

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A pair of Loafers can help you nail the style if you're striving for a more athletic, less princessy Prom appearance. As a wonderful compromise between flats and high heels, colorful sandals with are especially beloved by us.

Ballet Flats for Prom

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Ballet flats resemble regular heels or pumps in style and appearance but lack their height. All night long, feel comfortable wearing the same dainty, exquisite style. You'll be among the last people off the dance floor, we promise!

Wedding Slides

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Slides and mules are even more comfortable than ballet flats and can be booted off with zero effort once your feet start to ache from dancing. Slides come in a wide variety of styles, patterns, and materials and can have a manly or feminine vibe to them. We adore slides that have embroidery or hardware, in particular.

Shoe Clips

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Apart from all these, you take your place among the stars of the night with Edza shoe buckles that make your current daily shoes stylish with a single touch.

What kind of shoes are you putting on for the big event? Share photos of your prom shoes on Instagram or TikTok with the hashtags #loveedza and #myedza and browse additional women's designs in our prom shoe shop!

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