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From the mouth of an three english lady The difficulties of being big feet…

Updated: May 1, 2023

As research has shown recently, one in every five women thinks that their feet are the most unattractive part of their body, while another group speaks out about the severe complication in their feet due to their overly large size. Many women complain that their feet are two sizes larger than the average female shoe size of 37 and that their feet are growing with each generation. This causes them to wear men's shoes. We will witness the lives of three English women who suffer from the problem of large feet. 50 PAIRS OF SHOES COST ME A LOT

Becka Colley, a 42-year-old career counselor, lives with her 13-year-old son and partner in Burscough, Lancashire. Her feet are size 11. "If I could change one thing about my body, it would be my feet," she says. "I've always hated my feet because they're not wide or narrow, just big." My late father wore size 13 shoes and had to come with me to a shoe store in North London. I thought they would treat me specially, but when we entered, the dark and musty smell almost made me faint. There was no shoe in the window. When my father told the store owner, "We came for my daughter's shoe needs," they showed me nurses' lace-up shoes without heels, and all my hopes disappeared. These shoes were enough to make me the subject of ridicule in the classroom. My nickname was "bigfoot" and "yeti." Life was sometimes good for me when I was 13 years old, and I wore men's desert boots, unlike the others. This made me feel different from other girls, awkward and clumsy. In the 1980s, when my friends wore short and pointed-toe boots, I felt excluded. In my late teens, I couldn't resist buying a pair of size 9 ballet shoes from Barratts, which cost me £10. Although they were tight, I could wear them, but I couldn't walk. I was almost crippled. I had to give up in the end because my feet were swollen.

But this never stopped me, and I never gave up my search for beautiful shoes. I made it my mission to find the perfect size 11 shoe for myself, and this mission still continues. Over the years, I have owned 54 pairs of shoes that cost me £3,000. I usually bought my shoes from a website called Tall Girls, and unfortunately, I had to pay £70 to £100 for a regular daily shoe because there were only a few options available. That's three times more than a High Street store. My favorite shoes were the black knee-high boots that I had to take for repair five times because I wore them excessively. The most expensive pair of shoes I ever paid for were these fantastic boots that cost me £300. I am really resentful because I have to pay much more than women who are considered "normal" because of my feet. I am 5ft 10in tall, and my feet lo

ok proportional to my height. My partner has smaller feet than me...

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