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How to Wear High Heels Without Hurting Your Feet: Heels Without the Hurt

Even if they are adorable, heels are not the most comfy footwear. However, they are a must-have when the situation calls for them, and when styled properly, you can completely avoid being that girl who is carrying her shoes at the end of the night. Here are some of our favorite pointers and advice for putting on comfortable high heels.

Get those feet ready for their big night out before anything else!

— Make sure to trim your toenails if you're wearing a closed-toe heel. On a fun night out, there are few things more painful than having your toenail pressed up against the front of a high heel shoe. Trim those toenails, we beg you.

— In addition, try preventative measures to avoid discomfort by taking Advil or a similar pain reliever around 30 minutes before you go out. This will allow the active ingredients time to take effect and could help prevent the pain from even beginning. Amazing, yes?

— To provide an additional layer of comfort, think about purchasing gel insoles for your heels. These Foot Petals Tip Toes Pink Heart Ball-of-Foot Cushions, for example, are made in the ideal tiny size for heels.

Next: Exercise! It's really no different than practicing your musical instrument before going out on the town and starting to play it; the same goes for wearing heels. They require some getting used to because they are such a drastic change from sneaks. If you don't have a runway model strut the first few times you wear them, don't feel horrible about it. Even those gals once had to practice! Try wearing them for a day around your home and on various surfaces, such as hardwood, carpet, or gravel outside. The more ready you are for walking around in heels, the less likely it is that something will go wrong and you'll fall on your face in front of that cute boy you were chatting up. Practice your heel, toe, heel, toe, and you've got this girl!

A second dose of painkillers, bandages, and the Friction Block—the holy grail item—should all be packed in your purse. We can attest from personal experience that it truly works miracles. It can be used anywhere your heels rub to stop blisters from developing. Additionally, it's a good idea to keep a pair of tiny flats or flip-flops in your car or purse in case you decide to forgo the heels but still don't want to go barefoot. Ladies, safety first!

Reward your feet with a soothing foot soak like this one designed especially for relieving tired and painful feet when you get home from your big night out. It's a truly lux way to conclude your night and will prevent any pain from returning after the heels have been removed.

Which pair of high heels is best for you?

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