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7 Greatest Shoes for 2024's Flare Jean Outfits

Flare jeans are still popular for the Fall 2023–Winter 2024 season, with designs ranging from modest bootcuts to completely flared-out bell bottoms.

It's crucial to choose your shoes carefully when wearing flare jeans and bell bottoms because they can make or ruin the look!

Let's define flared jeans first, as there seems to be some misunderstanding about them online, before discussing the finest shoe styles to go with them.

Straight through the thighs and flared out at the knees, flare jeans fit sleek and formfitting. leg opening of more than 20 inches, whereas bell bottom jeans have a more pronounced "bell" flare with an opening of more than 26 inches.

Today's flare styles come in cropped, ankle, and full lengths (the shorter ones are referred to as kick flares). These jeans accommodate most slender to chunkier shoes and boots because of their wider opening.

In this lesson, I'll be combining bell bottoms and flares as they both look good with similar shoe types.

1. Ankle Boots

My favorite shoes to wear with bell bottoms or flare jeans are ankle boots. These go well together from fall to spring.

Because they balance out the wider-bottomed proportions, these boots look excellent with flare jeans and make for the ideal casual ensemble.

I enjoy the clean appearance created by the hem resting on the boot's mid-vamp, which prevents the bottoms from buckling over the boots.

For a softer flare jeans appearance with your boots, you can also choose a pointy toe or a more rounded/almond shape.

It's totally up to you whether you go for a platform ankle boot, sock bootie, or traditional leather ankle style!

As long as your jeans aren't too long, pointed-toe stiletto booties are the ideal accessory for sophisticated flare-jean ensembles. I adore block heels.

Ankle boots with a shaft height of 5.25 inches or more will go well with all flare lengths.

As seen in the picture below, the current trend for styling cropped, or kick flare, ankle boots is to have the jeans cover the boot shaft without showing any ankle.

To prevent them from protruding under your jeans, make sure the leg opening on your ankle boots is more snug. I recommend leaving 2-4 inches of space at the width for the jean basis. In this manner, the boot gives the ankle more shape by taping inside the jeans.

2. Lug Sole Loafers

The past few seasons have seen a major rise in the popularity of thick-soled loafers, which look fantastic with flared jeans for casual to business casual settings.

Since the loafers will go nicely with both cropped and longer length flares, they will balance out the proportions of the latter. I like a moderate platform of 1 inch with a heel up to 2 inches.

Kick flares will probably be overpowered by ultra-chunky loafers with a higher than 3 inch hee/platform, so style them primarily with ankle to longer flares and platform. However, we must not overlook the traditional loafers featuring a shorter heel and a single sole!

These shoes with their thin soles can still be styled classic with flares! These will appear less edgy and look best with ankle-length and cropped variants.

Right now, socks are fashionable. You can wear white socks with your loafers, match your loafer color with your socks, or go simple with no-show socks.

3. Higher Heels

We adore pointed-toe pumps, and in the fall, they look amazing with full-length flare jeans!

This combination is attractive because it lengthens the leg and updates the style of flare jeans. Additionally, you can easily wear the ensemble for a business casual situation or an evening out thanks to the adorable top and mid-to-dark wash jeans.

Higher heels look fantastic here, but be careful with stilettos. Make sure the jean hem is at least 1 inch from the ground because if your flare jeans are too long, you run the risk of tripping over the hem. As an example, the space between the ground and the jean hem is 3 inches when I wear my 4 inch heels above.

These look amazing with cropped and ankle-length flare jeans, especially if the shoes are slingbacks, if you're into the trendy kitten heels. Naturally, high-heeled sandals will look great too!

4. Chunky Boots

Chunky boots of ankle or calf height look fantastic with flared or bell-bottom jeans. especially the stylish, on-trend Chelsea boots from the previous season that have a lug sole and a high vamp.

These designs, as well as thick ankle boots generally, go nicely with jeans of any length. To counterbalance the broader flare hem, I suggest wearing them with ankle-length or longer flares.

Another option is to pair kick flares with clunky boots. Just make sure the jeans hem hides these and they fit snugly on the leg.

5. Ballerina Flats

The ballerina flat is currently another well-liked shoe to pair with flare jeans, particularly when it has a square toe or a Pointed Toe shape. But any flat with a square toe will do!

Although many online magazines are styling longer flares with these shoes—I adore them with cropped flares.

Make sure the hem of your ballerina flats doesn't drag on the ground when pairing them with longer flare jeans by cutting it off at or above the base of the shoe, as seen above.

6. Western Boots

Western boots go perfectly with flared jeans, especially the ankle to calf length styles. The pointy or almond toe form bends out from beneath the hem, and the inwardly curled heel allows the boot to drape down nicely.

For the ideal drape, we advise maintaining the full flare hem at least 0.5 inches above the ground. You may pair jeans and cowboy boots with a chambray shirt.

Alternately, go for the above western-inspired business casual ensemble instead of your typical ankle boots. To take it a step further, you might have worn black or black/white boots to balance them out, or you could have added a western belt in the same color as the boots.

However, kick flares don't look good with western boots. As this combination's styling indicates, here.

7. Heeled Mules

Wearing classic slippers with your flare jeans, especially bell-bottom jeans, is a stylish and nostalgic look! These shoes will elevate your flares and bring some happiness to your feet. And flares look fantastic with any length, especially when paired with traditional clogs. basic clogs will work best with ankle-length cut lengths. You can wear your slippers and flares with thick, woolen-knitted socks in the fall and winter.

This fall and winter, there are lots of boots and shoes that go well with flare jeans. There is something for everyone, from heels and boots to lower heeled flats.

Take note of the current trends in complete wide widths and straight legs! Additionally, the majority of the shoes for flare jeans mentioned in this post go well with the styles 🙂

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