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The Greatest 5 Boots to Match with Denim

1. Ankles Boots

Classic ankle boots are always in style and go well with any type of jeans, even though their height and shape may change with the seasons!

For optimal versatility, choose ankle boots with a block heel of 2-4 inches or a stiletto with pointy toe or slender square toe. The shafts of the newest ankle boots are taller.

2. Combat Boots

Combat boots are stylish yet basic; they feature platforms, higher heels, or traditional soles. Classic designs with a wide leg or straight leg jean below and a block heel with a modest tread can be worn over narrower jeans.

3. Chelsea Boots

Pull-on boots for jeans, known as Chelsea boots, look fantastic in the fall, winter, and even spring. These give a comparable appearance to combat boots and are available in a range of styles.

A timeless style, like Blundstones, looks fantastic peeking under wider, cropped, or longer jeans, or dressed down with socks and straight leg jeans.

4. Western Boots

Western and cowboy boots go well with almost any type of women's jeans because of their adaptable shape, which lets looser jeans fall over them or be tucked into narrower jeans.

5. Taller Boots

Of all the taller boots, calf boots are the easiest to style, but knee boots may still look fantastic, especially this season. As skinny jeans aren't as hot right now, a new trend is to fold a pair of straight-leg or larger-legged jeans into your boots for a more relaxed vibe.

Wide-leg, flared, and even looser cropped-leg jeans look great with knee boots. They will, of course, always look amazing with skinny jeans or jeggings!

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