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11 Pairs of Slide Sandals That Stand Out

Slide sandals have established themselves as a summer wardrobe essential, and perhaps this year more than ever. Summer slides are a must since they are simple, fuss-free, and ideal for everything from a short neighborhood stroll to a socially awkward gathering. If you're currently taking a break from your sky-high heels (raises hand), we have a ton of suggestions for how to update your footwear while still remaining comfortable.

The best option for rushing out the door without sacrificing style is a pair of backless shoes, and they are just getting better. Slides with striking colors, patterns, embellishments, and unique touches are giving summer outfits that extra something special this season. Currently on offer: strappy neon slides, shell beaded styles, animal print options like leopard and cow prints, and more. These are the kind of shoes that can dress up your go-to summer outfits as well as your favorite pair of denim cutoffs and a tee. What might be superior?

Check out some of our favorite statement slides (that your feet will thank you for) if you like to look good while feeling comfortable.

How do you style your summer slides? Use #loveedza and #myedza to share your photos with us on Instagram at edzashoes, and shop other summer items to go with them.

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